Georges and I had our first date today.

I did GSP Rush Fit Strength & Endurance today. The warm up was awesome. It incorporated a lot of hard moves but in a way that made them seem doable. Georges was really concerned with making sure that I wasn't pushing myself too hard and having a great time. He was truly being a great date.

And then he made me do pushups.
And burpees.
And side planks.
And I told him we needed to "talk".

That sort of behavior was unacceptable, clearly. He wasn't concerned at all about my feelings or how I feel or what *I* wanted.

Then before we had a chance to talk, he wised up. And we did some standing up moves; lunges, squats twists. It was then that I thought, he might really love me.

And then, we took it back to the ground for a core workout. But, once again he redeemed himself just in time with some nice stretches and a cool down.

So, I think we are going to keep this up and see how it turns out. Perhaps we will make a great couple after all.