I thought you could only catch crabs at the Jersey shore... and I'm sure if you've seen the show, you can agree....

Imagine my surprise when my brother in law announced, "We are going to catch crabs" and they weren't to eat either! Considering this was my and Joe's third visit to this exact beach, you think he would have clued me into crab catching, but nope. So, last night, the baby, kids and adults, all set out with flashlights and nets in hand to hunt some crab.

At first, it was a dissapointment as we walked along the water, looking for crabs and not finding a thing (except for a cool sand dollar for Jasmine). We turned around and started heading back to the condo, this time walking higher up on the beach.


I learned a couple of things last night:
1. Crabs are ornery and won't just peacefully stay in the net once you have caught them.
2. When ornery crabs escape, I will scream like a girl, especially when they make a mad dash for me.
3. Crab catching is a great way to make new friends. Especially if you have a tendency to scream like a girl when they escape, thus making lots of noise.