As with most people who have struggled with losing weight, I've tried quite a few eating plans and diets. I've enjoyed trying out a variety of "lifestyles" but what I don't enjoy is the snobbery that comes with it.

I understand being excited about a new "lifestyle". I understand wanting to share this newfound "lifestyle" with everyone. What I don't understand is the belittling of people who don't agree with the lifestyle or follow it. There is a blog I've read since I dipped my toe into the Primal Lifestyle (highly enjoyed but not livable for me), and it has slowly evolved from a place where you can go to learn new information and support to a blog that only spouts how Primal is the only way to go and if you don't do it, you are an obvious idiot.

Nothing aggervates me more then this sort of holier than thou, I have all the answers, attitude. Because as great as the science is behind the Primal lifestyle, if you can't fit it into your life, it isn't the way to go. And that goes for any sort of diet or healthy living lifestyle. I absolutely loved when I went Primal, but it was too hard to go out to eat, it was too hard to have carbs and sugar cut out of my diet. It wasn't a "cut back on it", but absolutely not supposed to eat it. My sister does the Primal thing and it works for her and that is great, but she doesn't try to shove down my throat how it is the only way.

I, personally, right now am enjoying Weight Watcher's Point Plus Program. It is super easy, allows me to eat whatever I want and is truly helping me become a healthier person, but I don't look down upon my coworker who does Nutrisystem, not if it works for them and makes them happy. Because the real point to a healthy lifestyle is to BE ABLE to make it your lifestyle.

And I do want to stress, this is *not* a rant against the Primal lifestyle, it was just my best example. There is a Vegan blog that I love because she shares her lifestyle in an open way and not in a close minded way There is another Vegeterian blog that I read because she shares awesome recipes that don't contain meat, but she doesn't make it seem like a crime to eat meat These are two great examples of eating lifestyle blogs that share without preaching.